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Erectile Dysfunction Five Neglected Causes

Erectile Dysfunction Five Neglected Causes

Erectile Dysfunction Five Neglected Causes


Overview of Erectile Dysfunction:-

Even though the majority of men dislike discussing it, erectile dysfunction is surprisingly widespread.

An erection is difficult to achieve or keep going for more than thirty percent of men between the ages of forty and seventy.

Many men have the misconception that erectile dysfunction, often known as ED, is a psychological issue.

On the other hand, research indicates that the most prevalent cause of erectile dysfunction (ED) is an issue with the blood vessels or vascular system.

Additionally, these underlying issues can put men at risk for a variety of other dangerous medical conditions.

What you need to know about erectile dysfunction and your health is as follows:

1) There is a correlation between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease.

According to Michael J. Blaha, M.D., M.P.H., director of clinical research at the Ciccarone Center for the Prevention of Heart Disease, a cardiologist at Johns Hopkins University, erectile dysfunction (ED) is a typical condition among men who have coronary heart disease.

Plaque buildup in the arteries can lead to coronary heart disease, which is characterized by a decrease in the amount of blood that flows to the heart and an impairment in the functioning of the blood vessels. Additionally, erectile function is dependent on the presence of healthy blood flow. Some drugs that are used to treat high blood pressure can also contribute to erectile dysfunction (ED).


2) When it comes to early warning signs, erectile dysfunction can be there.

Endothelial dysfunction is a problem that occurs when the blood arteries are unable to dilate (open) correctly. This condition is one of the early stages of coronary heart disease development. In many cases, the blood arteries of the penis are the first to be affected by endothelial dysfunction. In many instances, ED may be the initial indication that something is wrong with the patient. “An indication of underlying heart disease is frequently present in cases of erectile dysfunction,” explains Blaha.


3)  There is a connection between diabetes and erectile dysfunction as well.

Elevated blood pressure is very closely associated with type 2 diabetes. Damage to the blood vessels and nerves that are responsible for erectile function can be caused by high blood sugar. Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health conducted a study in which they discovered that nearly half of all males who were diagnosed with diabetes also had erectile dysfunction (ED).

4)  It is essential to make connections between the dots.

Having an eating disorder can be embarrassing. There are a lot of males who don’t even bring it up to their doctor. On the other hand, according to Blaha, men who do go to the doctor may be so preoccupied with their discomfort in the bedroom that they fail to mention other symptoms that are cause for concern. There are far too many men who choose to disregard the symptoms of heart disease, such as chest pain or shortness of breath. Discuss with your physician the possibility of getting evaluated for risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease if you have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction (ED), particularly if you have also experienced additional symptoms.

5) The Importance of Lifestyle Choices

The good news is that making decisions that are beneficial to one’s lifestyle can have an effect. In addition to lowering the chance of having a heart attack or stroke, individuals who consume a diet rich in nutrients, engage in regular physical activity, abstain from smoking, and take measures to manage high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes may also experience an improvement in their sexual performance.

According to Blaha, “the cardiovascular system is the location of the origin of so many things.” “Taking control of some of these risk factors can really make a difference,” the author writes.


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