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FILITRA (Filitra 10mg, 20mg, Prof. 20, 40mg)


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Generic Name:Vardenafil
Manufacturer:Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging:10 Tablets in Strip
Delivery Time:6 To 15 days


What is the definition of Filitra?

Filitra is a medication that enhances the erectile function of the penis upon activation.

It efficiently treats erectile dysfunction (ED) for a certain duration.

This pill is a brand of medication for erectile dysfunction (ED) that belongs to the category of oral pills.

It helps restore the rigidity of the penis with a moderate amount of stimulation.

By utilizing the pills, one can effortlessly achieve erections without any complications.

Filitra pills enhance erectile function by promoting blood flow to the penile region, resulting in increased penile rigidity and arousal.

Filitra tablets are a type of medication that requires a prescription.

To purchase or renew the prescription, it is necessary to obtain mandatory approval from a doctor.


What is the purpose of Filitra?

Filitra pills include vardenafil, a generic chemical that aids in achieving transient erectile firmness.

The use of the tablets should be based on the doctor’s prescription regarding the appropriate dosage and frequency of the drug.

It is important to note that taking the pills does not result in an immediate and strong erection.

Vardenafil requires a certain amount of time to go through a series of steps that finally result in the hardening of the penis.

It is important to know that even after the activation of generic vardenafil in your bloodstream, you will still need to manually stimulate the penis in order to achieve an erection.
What company produces Filitra?

The tablet is owned by Fortune Healthcare. The corporation possesses the sole rights to produce, distribute, and export this medication in response to demand from either home or international markets.

Established in 2004, the company has experienced significant growth and is now recognized as one of the top-tier enterprises in India.

Its name will undoubtedly be mentioned alongside the leading pharmaceutical giants in India. The operational headquarters of the company is located in Gujarat.

In addition to having Filitra Medication, the corporation also owns other popular products in the ED segment.

For instance, the company also encompasses additional products such as Fildena, Tadalista, and Cenforce, among others.

The company produces a diverse array of medications for treating various ailments in addition to erectile dysfunction (ED).


What is the primary composition of salt?

The primary salt compound present in Filitra pills, which aids in achieving erectile hardness, is Vardenafil. Regarding the medications’ origin, it belongs to the PDE-5 hormone-inhibiting family.

This family offers not only generic vardenafil but also other generic substances that possess the same features and therapeutic effects. Other drugs in this category include Sildenafil Citrate and Tadalafil.

The primary active ingredient in Filitra tablets has a duration of approximately 5 hours, which is a considerable length of time.


What are the optimal storage conditions?

The optimal storage settings for Filitra pills involve maintaining a temperature below the 30-degree Celsius limit. Ensure that you can maintain this temperature in one of the rooms.

It is important to store the pills in a low-humidity environment to prolong their shelf life and ensure their effectiveness for several months. Make sure to store the pills in a location that is not exposed to direct sunlight.


What advantages does Filitra offer?

Purchase Filitra tablets, which contain the active ingredient Generic Vardenafil, to assist you in achieving a rigid and durable erection. The pills have a length of efficacy of 5 hours, during which they can induce erectile effects on your erections.

While this may not be the peak period of activity, it is still plenty long, especially if you take the pills just before engaging in sexual activity.

Please note that this medication is only available with a valid doctor’s prescription.

How should Filitra medicine be used while on a course?
The specific guidelines for the usage of Filitra tablets during regular treatment can be found in the doctor’s prescription.

This pill’s dosage will vary based on the patient’s severity of erectile dysfunction (ED) and their compatibility with the medication. An excessive dosage of Filitra 10 mg, which contains generic vardenafil, does not accelerate the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Instead, it will only lead to the emergence of adverse effects.

It is important to maintain a consistent schedule when using Filitra pills, ensuring a minimum time interval of around 24 hours between each dose.


What is the proper method for administering Filitra pills?

The consumption procedure is analogous to that of any other oral pill. Filitra should be ingested orally in its entirety.

This medication is not intended to be chewed, as doing so may result in a bitter taste.

Additionally, there is no requirement to create a solution by dissolving the pills in water.

The sole method of administration is oral ingestion of a Filitra pill in its whole.

If you are experiencing difficulties with swallowing, you can inform the doctor.

However, it is important to note that the Filitra brand does not offer any effervescent or chewable pills.

This implies that you may need to search for whole different brands.


What is the mechanism of action of Filitra pills?

When Filitra, an online medication containing generic vardenafil, is activated, it will inhibit the actions of PDE-5 hormones.

Being a blood flow monitor and experiencing diminishing effects indicates that the blood flow naturally intensifies. T

he vasodilation effect is enhanced when there is a larger concentration of the cGMP hormone, which is caused by nitric oxide.

The penile tissues experience a significantly greater influx of blood, resulting in heightened sensitivity. An erection occurs when the penis is manually stimulated.


What are the adverse consequences of using Filitra?

Certain side effects may be worrisome, while others are less severe and typically diminish as your body progressively adapts to the medication.

Your utmost priority should be to promptly inform your doctor about any side effect, regardless of its severity. Adhering to the doctor’s instructions is typically the most effective approach to prevent experiencing serious side effects.

Adverse reactions:-

The feeling of sickness or discomfort in the stomach, often accompanied by the urge to vomit.
Visual impairment
Cardiac discomfort
Decreased sexual desire
Penile pain during erections
Priapism refers to a persistent and painful erection that lasts longer than four hours and is not related to sexual stimulation.

Guidelines and safety recommendations for the usage of Filitra

Here is a comprehensive list of precautions that apply to all patients taking Filitra pills:

Avoid consuming alcohol or grape juice since both can act as contraindicating agents, leading to the development of severe adverse effects.

Refrain from operating a vehicle, as it may lead to adverse symptoms such as headaches and dizziness, which might impair your inherent driving abilities.

To prevent the risk of overdose on generic Vardenafil, it is important to consult the doctor before making any changes to the dosage.

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